One Simple Landing Page That Solves Complex Problems
Desert North Realty is a fast-growing real estate brokerage aiming to disrupt the industry with their revolutionary Agents for Agents concept. Unlike a traditional brokerage, Agents at Desert North are able to build a passive income stream through their unique profit sharing structure. The brokerage needed a way to quickly and effectively communicate this novel concept to experienced agents with old-school modalities.
Our Solutions:
Personalized Landing Page
To help peak the interested of potential agents, we created one personalized landing page that can instantly be personalized for both the recruiting agent and the agent to be recruited
Personalized Video
This video is personalized for both the sender and recipient. Key moments in the video, including the thumbnail, prominently feature the recipient's name to boost engagement. Additionally, the call to action at the end displays the recruiting agent's photo and contact details, enhancing credibility and ensuring the lead contacts the correct agent.
Visual Storytelling with SVG Animations
We created looping SVG animations to visualize how agents can earn income while reinforcing the message that Desert North is licensed in multiple states.
Income Simulator & Competitor Comparison Calculator
Many agents found income structure a little hard to understand at a glance, and even more complicated to estimate their income with multiple levels of profit shareing and commission earnings. To solve the problem, we created a custom calculator presentation tool that teaches them the profit share and sales commission structure works while comparing the effective commission split against their current brokerage.
Video Testimonials
To resolve any doubt that a potential agent may have after the landing page presentation, we added in some video testimonials that we produced for some social proof. These testimonials are stratically placed just above the contact form and each one reinforces a specific and unique topic from the landing-page presentation.

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